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WWE Elimination Chamber Thoughts

My thoughts on the Elimination Chamber PPV last night, I’ll go match by match first and then I’ll give an overall thought of the show.

Kofi Kingston VS Alberto Del Rio

Apparently, I’m one of the few people who thinks Alberto Del Rio isn’t that good, he says the same stuff on the microphone, he’s not all that spectacular in the ring, and it showed, Kofi Kingston can usually have a great match with anyone, but this match looked a bit sloppy, it seems like every time Kofi and Alberto face off with each other It’s not that great of a match.

World Heavyweight Championship:

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match

Spectacular match, I was hoping for a surprise when Teddy Long came out to introduce who was taking Dolph Zigglers spot, I was hoping for Christian, but I had a feeling it was going to be Big Show, I’m glad Edge won, and in my opinion this was the 2nd best match of the night.

Santino & Vladimir Kozlov VS Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

Standard WWE tag team match, I’m not the biggest fan of Santino and Kozlov, I wish they were booked as more serious threats instead of having them clown around a lot, I think they would be excellent heels if WWE booked them right, Slater and Gabriel win, I was happy about that.

WWE Championship:

The Miz VS Jerry Lawler

I’m not going to lie, going into last night I didn’t wanna see Lawler anywhere near the World Title, I thought (And still think) That John Morrison deserved it a lot more, but my hate for The Miz took over and I found myself wanting Lawler to win, even though I doubted he would.  Michael Cole, as much as I think he’s god awful has done a good job of setting up his (rumored) meeting with Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania, I can’t wait to see Lawler finally get his hands on Cole so I guess WWE has done that right.  This was a pretty good match, Miz got the win.

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

This was, in my opinion the match of the night, John Morrison is an absolute BEAST!  The man has stolen the show in the first two PPV’s of 2011, he was in beast mode at the Royal Rumble and he topped himself last night inside the chamber, there were a bunch of times where I thought he was legitimately hurt (And he might be for all we know) but after everything he put his body through he was the star of that match, oh yeah, John Cena won…  Very upset with that finish but I had a feeling he’d win, WWE gets upset if Cena isn’t in the title match for a 2nd straight PPV.

Overall Thoughts

Amazing show, I would give it a 8/10.  The Trish Stratus surprise was pretty cool, until she looked like she couldn’t go anymore, perhaps it was just the heels though.  Teddy Long “re-hiring” Kelly Kelly, didn’t really care much.  Hopefully WWE gives John Morrison the push he deserves, the man is super over, hopefully he wins Money In The Bank at WrestleMania.  And even though it was Jerry Lawler, it was good to see a World Title match NOT involve someone named John Cena or Randy Orton, first time since 2008 that Cena or Orton wasn’t involved in the World Title Match.